Endless Admin Solutions, LLC was established in 2013. After 4 1/2 years working for another Virtual Admin company Joanna decided to start her own company once the company she worked for closed. Prolonging her passion to support companies and entrepreneurs Joanna branched off as her own, independent Virtual Assistant Company.

Endless Admin Solutions, LLC. provides Virtual Administrative, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Event Planning support to clients throughout the United States.

Virtual Admin Support

Imagine having an Executive Assistant in your office. What’s the first task you would delegate to them?

Well at Endless Admin Solutions, LLC that is exactly what we do for our clients. We are their “Virtual” Executive Assistant. Providing the same daily support for tasks as an Executive Assistant would. The only difference is now you don’t have to provide a spot for them in your office.

We service each client as if we are working solely for their company. We become their voice, their right hand support, all virtually.

Calendar management, follow up on clients, appointment creator, PowerPoint presentations, answering calls and returning them. We provide all the support an Executive Assistant would. Making the flexibility work for you and your business.

Many times clients create a personal work email for us or a direct line so when your clients call in it’s like they are calling into a direct member of your team.

Team building- that’s our main focus. We aim to become a member of your team. Helping create a balance for you without having to have us by your side.

Social Media Marketing

We all love Social Media!

But let’s face the facts...it’s extremely time consuming! At Endless Admin Solutions, LLC our team becomes your Social Media Guru. We first come up with the best Marketing Plan for your business needs and then implement it. We post your content, articles, quotes, events, webinars and product information on all your Social Media Channels.

Do you have a newsletter database? We help monitor it, create and maintain content and then push it out to all your Social Media Channels.

What seems time consuming to you is actually a part of the business we love.

Joanna previously was a PR and Marketing Manager before becoming a Virtual Assistant. Her passion and creativity helps clients brand their products throughout all their Social Media Channels.

Need more help...let’s think about the last time you looked at YOUR Social Media Channels. How many times you wanted to share content but never hit “post”. It’s an easy fix, come up with a Marketing Plan. We help you push your brand and services out. We help generate “conversations”. We become your voice, your brand, and with a simple click we post it all out on your channels.

No need to waste time with the “what if’s” we help create a following that will help generate leads, that turn into clients. We love it. We don’t expect you to. That’s why we are here!

Lead Generation

In a perfect world we will be adding a new lead a week. Seems simple right?

Well when you are dealing with all the other aspects of your business you take the time away from Lead Generation. We use our skills from our Social Media Marketing and target your leads.

We also help compile lists of prospects that best suit your business and help you create relationships with them.

Have a contact list you don’t know what to do with it? Scan us their business cards. We load them into your database, we connect with them on your social media. We even help you generate letters and emails to offer a “pitch” to connect.

Have a book you have written? We do mass mailings. We send your prospects your material and follow up to book appointments.

Attended a workshop? We follow up and book intro calls for you.

The possibilities are endless. No cold calling needed. We review your services and use them to your advantage to create Lead Generation. Solids good leads that want to learn more about your business.

Event Planning

A ton of logistics go into Event Planning. No need to worry we are used to it. We have coordinated events for Clients around the USA.

We book the venues, coordinate the menus, work on Event Marketing for these Event. We even create the small details needed such as name badges, table tents, event packets, and the PowerPoint presentation.

Have specifics you need for your Event? We work with the Event Planner at these venues to make sure your room is setup perfectly for when you arrive. We handle hotel accommodations and flights.

Have an event you need to fill? We create all the Marketing for this event through Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing. We help you fill your room.

The only part we don’t do for your event is actually attend...unless you want to fly us out which we don’t object to.

Let us help you make your workshops the best they can be without you having to deal with the minor hassles.